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Teen Photographers

A lj community for aspiring teenage photographers

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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for teen photographers. All skill levels are welcomed. This community is to show your work, ask for tips, give tips, all things related to photography.

No insulting eachothers work, tips are fine, helping eachother if great but no hate.
2.) 1 small photo is alright outside of the cut but everything else, behind a lj-cut.
3.) No promoting other communities unless you speak with the mod isolated_igloo_ and get permission. (must be photography related)
4.) you much be a teenager..i will allow 12 since it is pretty much a teen so ages 12-19

Have fun!

Mod: Isolated_igloo_
Comment on my Livejournal if you have any questions or are having problems with another member.

This community is just starting out so promoting it would be fabulolous and you will be loved as this will be much more fun with more people.